MJC’s tiny speech zone stage
MJC’s tiny speech zone stage

The State of Free Speech on College Campuses

Go Behind the Scenes of the Struggle for Free Speech at MJC

More evidence that the exercise of free expression can be a career killer on college campuses.


FIRE's Speech Code of the Month

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•  Academic achievement and job training: the mission of the district. Adapting to a fast–changing global job market.

• Student support: making decisions that put students first

• Faculty support: cutting bureaucracy so they can focus on teaching

• Free speech

• Fiscal integrity: sound financial management, paying people fairly for their expertise (like adjunct faculty), and keeping the money focused on the front lines of learning, not bureaucratic bloat.

• Transparent decision–making: no backroom deals (Transparent California)

• Listening to stakeholders: all voices welcome and heard

• Independence of thought, speech and inquiry: respectful debate and discourse

• Diversity of thought and due process for all