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Current Chair of the Stanislaus County Equal Rights Commission

Leslie's statement in the Stanislaus County Voter Pamphlet


As a trustee, I will work hard to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely for excellent but affordable education at our community colleges. Our core mission of academic learning and job training takes place in the classroom, not administrative offices.  Trustees should help lighten the burdens of bureaucracy, so faculty members can focus on teaching.


Nationwide, political correctness and so-called micro aggressions have colleges in a stranglehold.
Even MJC made national news when a student was stopped from passing out U.S. Constitutions on Constitution Day.  


I support campuses that embrace and protect free speech, not those that stifle it.  Mutually respectful debate and inquiry are essential for building the clear-thinking and problem-solving skills required by today’s competitive job market.


As a student and later an instructor at MJC, I welcomed a diversity of opinions.  As a trustee, I’ll do the same.  In making decisions, I will listen to our employees, our students, and everyone with a stake in quality education. Toward that end, I’ll hold frequent office hours, open to anyone, to hear firsthand the views of those affected by board decisions.  


After all, community colleges belong to the community.  

I’d appreciate your vote.



Leslie Beggs

for MJC/YCCD Board 2016





M.A. in English, 1987, Clemson University, Clemson, SC. Thesis: The Zeal of Thy Work: Vocation as Sacred in the Works of Dorothy L. Sayers

B.A. in English, 1981, Clemson University, cum laude; Rank: 94 of 1071 graduates. Minor: Psychology

Attended Modesto Junior College, 1977–1979. University Transfer sequence; 62 units; 3.84 cum. GPA.



Nominated by chairman of the Languages Department for the President’s Honors Colloquium, Clemson University

Short story chosen for campus literary magazine

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Sigma Tau Epsilon (the honor society of the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Pi Delta Phi Socie̒te̒ d’Honneur Francaise

Also member of: Society of English Graduate Students 1981–1982; English Club, 1979–1981; Clemson

Dancers, 1980; Clemson Players, 1981.



Adjunct English Instructor, Modesto Junior College, 2013–current. Taught one 5–unit developmental English 49 or 50 class each semester.

Adjunct English Instructor, Modesto Junior College, Fall 2002–Spring 2003. Taught one section of English 101 each semester.

Adjunct English Instructor, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee, 1985–1991. Taught freshman composition courses.

Adjunct English Instructor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC. Took over three English 101 classes on Sept 21st when another instructor resigned.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, Fall 1981–Spring 1982. Taught two sections of English composition each semester.



Adjunct Representative, Yosemite Faculty Association, Fall 2015–Spring 2016.

Piano Faculty, Modesto Suzuki Association, 2005–present.

Home Educator, through Hart-Ransom Charter School and Whitmore Charter School. I taught my son’s accelerated English courses at home in 2008–2013 from 7th–11th grade. (In 12th grade he moved on to English 103 at MJC.)

Community Columnist/Freelance Contractor, The Modesto Bee, 2002–present. Also was part of a weekly meeting of Bee opinion columnists and editors for many years. Write occasional columns—very occasional—for the local newspaper, on topics ranging from education to Gary Condit to hate crimes and free speech.

Board of Directors, California Association for the Gifted (CAG), 2002–2004. In addition to helping put on regional workshops and the annual statewide conferences for teachers and parents of gifted children, I was also a member of the board committee responsible for writing CAG’s position papers on various issues in gifted education.

Chairperson, GATE District Advisory Committee (parent group), Modesto City Schools, 1997–1999. Planned meetings and conferences for parents and GATE–identified children at three magnet sites, working with the MCS GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) Director.

Editorial Assistant for Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Business Quarterly, and Carolina Business & Finance, 1983–1985. Duties included editing in all stages, writing assigned articles, compiling monthly column of Charlotte events, screening manuscripts, figuring monthly budget for writers and photographers, and occasionally covering city planning meetings and other newsworthy happenings.



Teacher, Adult Connections Class, Modesto Covenant Church, Spring 2014 term, and sub. Also host a weekly meeting that discusses faith, philosophy and current cultural issues, 2003–present.

Equal Rights Commissioner, Stanislaus County, February 2005–present. Current Chairperson.

Member, Stanislaus County Civil Grand Jury, 2005–2006.

Visiting Editor, The Modesto Bee, 2001. One of two community members chosen to launch the Bee's "Visiting Editor" program, serving a three-month term in which we attended the newspaper's editorial meetings, interviewed county/city leaders, and offered input on current issues. Wrote columns during this period, and was asked to continue contributing local opinion pieces as a "Community Columnist."

Downey High 1882 (Accreditation) Committee, 2000–2002

PTA President, Sonoma School, 1997–1999; PTA Secretary 1999–2001.

PTA Historian, Modesto Council PTA, 2000–2001.

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